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How To Reach & Impact Millions With Your Message

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A behind-the-scenes interview with NYC-based, Selena Soo, on the path to getting seen, heard and connected.

Ever wish you could reach the ranks of Marianne Williamson or Deepak Chopra – becoming a thought leader revered by the masses? Maybe contribute a viral article to Forbes or Inc? How about landing a TED Talk and seeing it hit over a million views? Do you wonder how on earth to go about connecting with the right people to make those wild and crazy dreams come true?

If you’re nodding yes, this interview is for you.

Episode 26 – Jonathan Fields

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Jonathan Fields On Living A ‘Good Life’ And Why Happiness Is The Enemy & The ‘F’ Word Is The Real Hero

In today’s episode you’ll hear from a super chill anti-guru bestselling author, teacher and movement maker, that is universally revered for making the complex seem doable and puts the art and science of living a good life firmly within reach… Jonathan Fields