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Ryan Levesque talks about climbing the corporate ladder, almost dying and innovating marketing for small businesses.

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from an innovative entrepreneur who jumped ship from his successful corporate career into an odd hobby niche, which was his start into developing a marketing method that’s transforming businesses everywhere, Ryan Levesque.

Ryan is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist and recent New York Times Best Selling Author of Ask, a counter-intuitive formula to discover what your customers want to buy, create a mass of raving fans and take any business to the next level.

He has architected the online marketing strategies of major niche success stories, taking them from just a few million a year to, in some cases, over $40 million in revenue.

I always love hearing the random path people took to get to where they are today and Ryan’s path is…

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  


Breaking the Mold

Why Ryan left Brown University’s Neuroscience Program

The Tipping Point

What made him leave his successful corporate career in Shanghai, China

Guided by Passion

How he started his entrepreneurial ventures selling an obscure craft and jewelry hobby online

Putting It All Together

How he took that knowledge and used it to successfully create online marketing strategies for major niches