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The Masterclass Series


Taking you even deeper into the Alter Ego Effect Method, this Masterclass Series will help you master the traits of your own Alter Ego so you can step into life with more intention, command any situation with greater control, and overcome crippling self-doubt to finally get out of your own way and achieve your greatest ambitions.

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Get On The Field Of Play

90 Day Year

Created for action takers who want to see rapid change in their business. 90 Day Year is a multi-award winning online program that shows you how to incorporate the proven high-performance strategies I use with elite athletes and entrepreneurs into your own business, so you can achieve the results you want without the burnout.

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Peak Performance Leadership & Business


Designed for business owners who want to regain control of their revenue, team, and projects while developing their leadership style and network with confidence. We coach you through the ambiguity of business and take into account personal strengths, challenges, values and motivations to help you grow and develop your unique business into a peak performing business you love.

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