Jadah Sellner Went from Actress, to Day Care Owner, to Health & Nutrition Empire Builder, But It Wasn’t Easy


In today’s episode, you’ll hear the strange journey of a woman who grew up homeless, became a traveling theater performer, day care owner and ultimately one of the most powerful community and tribe builders on the internet, Jadah Sellner.

Jadah is the co-author of the recently released book, Simple Green Smoothies, and co-founder of a company in the same name which is the number one online resource for green smoothies, and she’s an acclaimed keynote speaker.

Her close friend and partner Jen Hansard, hosts the wildly popular and free 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge four times a year at SimpleGreenSmoothies.com, and they’ve created a global movement in the process with their…


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jadah and her partner created a global movement using social media
  • How her acting and arts background played a role in making her a pro at building thriving communities
  • How she was homeless as one point during her childhood and why, at that time, she thought it was cool
  • How her childhood experiences helped her develop resilience and bounce back from adversity


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Simple Green Smoothies – The Book

30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge



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