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Introverted fitness & health expert Ben Greenfield has spent his career challenging the status quo – find out why during our recent conversation

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In today’s episode you’ll hear from an introverted health and fitness superman that’s built a life traveling the world competing in Ironman and tough obstacle challenges while becoming a father and expert in the world of human performance, Ben Greenfield.

Ben’s won more awards than I have time to list here. But, as someone who’s benefitted from Ben’s advice, I can tell you he’s got one of the most impressive minds when it comes to health and fitness. Not only that, but he’s built one of the strongest brands in the high-performance market and sports brands clamor to get an endorsement from him.

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  


Road To The Top

What challenges he’s faced to get to the level of success he’s reached today.

Introvert Ideology

How being an introvert has helped him excel creatively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Why self-education and self-learning has always worked best for him.

Learning To Let Go

Why giving himself permission to stop micromanaging the little parts of his business has been one of his many keys to success.

A View On Happiness

Why being average at a lot of things and then excelling at one thing is what he calls Happiness.