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From celebrated concert pianist to beauty, media and lifestyle brand maven: the Angela Jia Kim story

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In today’s episode you’ll hear from a woman who was an acclaimed concert pianist and left that world to stand in a cold tent to sell cosmetics in Columbus Circle here in New York City but kept hustling to become a power-female entrepreneur with multiple brands and businesses, Angela Jia Kim.

Angela founded Om Aroma & Co. and Eco-Chic Skincare and Savor Spa in New York City’s West Village and Woodstock, New York, which the New York Times says has drawn a loyal following among fashion industry types for its decadent, yet affordable, holistic facials and massages.

She has also founded a women empowerment organization, Savor the Success, which was chosen as Forbes’ Top 100 Websites for Women, where creators and makers push each other to achieve through meeting benchmarks together.

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  


Stepping Away From The Keys

Why Angela gave up her career as a celebrated concert pianist

The Road To Success

How she built the Savor Lifestyle Brand from scratch to seven figures and now helps others to do the same

A Competitive Spirit

How she benchmarked herself against someone else in a farmer’s market to try and sell the same amount of product

Never Stop Growing

How she constantly iterated on her business to grow it into a power brand