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Trackr Founder, Christian Smith’s Journey From a Family Tragedy to Tech Innovator & Team Building Superstar

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Welcome to Episode #6 with technology start-up whiz, stuff-finder (which I’ll explain in the interview), and successful crowd-funding marketer, Christian Smith.He is the president and co-founder of TrackR, a Santa Barbara-based startup that creates connective devices to help people end the search for lost items. That is exactly why I said at the beginning that he is a stuff finder.

Smith specializes in introducing new audiences, customers and companies to the brand by overseeing the channel sales and partnership divisions at TrackR.

He’s sold more than 400,000 of these devices. which led a very successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to get it all started as well. He is an all-around awesome guy but I tell him all the time how much he must be hated because he’s way too good looking to be an entrepreneur.

Throughout the interview, you’ll hear the story of what happened with his family that caused him to really take a look at how to build teams and how that actually accelerated the success of the company and how he’s been able to lead that company as well.

You’ll also hear about the struggles of building a business like this, which is a technology company with a lot of moving parts. He’s a great guy with a ton of great stories that you can walk away with.

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  


Never Lost

Why Christian will never lose his keys or his wallet.

An Idea Born At Sea

How a day of surfing at Pismo Beach motivated Christian and his business partner to find a solution for losing things.

Learning From Hard Times

How the experience of losing his mother to cancer taught him about the importance of developing community, which is now also an important part of TrackR.

Setting Up For Success

Why having a structure where he was able to self-manage early on was important to his success.

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