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How E-Commerce Powerhouse Gary Nealon Turned An Evening Hobby Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business Without Any Experience

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Welcome to episode #4 with eight-figure eCommerce builder, marketing ninja, and an all-around great guy, Gary Nealon.  He is the owner of the Rocks Group which is a collection of the eCommerce sites in the home improvement niche which includes one of the largest online distributors and importers of kitchen cabinets in the United States.

They have been featured on over 80 shows, HGTV, DIY Network, FYI channel, and A&E. He has been featured on the Inc.500 and Inc. 5000 list the past four years, the Philly 100 fastest-growing companies the past three years, and the Wharton Business School’s Future 50 CEO’s list the past two years. He’s got a ton of accolades.

This is a great interview. You can hear the story of when he got contacted by the Philadelphia Major Crimes division in the middle of a very busy work week, and it wasn’t very long ago.

You can also get great tips and strategies for what he used to really scale up his business in the online space, which can be a tricky one because there are a million things that you can be doing.

He is an absolute master marketer and just a great guy.

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  


Nothing Is Impossible

How being told it would be impossible to sell cabinets online motivated him to do it anyway.

The Importance Of Passion

How following his passion led to his success.

Buying A Business

How he was able to get investors and family money to buy a company at age 29.

Dealing With The Uncontrollable

How even a smart, skilled person had no control over outside market forces that suddenly sunk his business.

Knowing Yourself

What Gary’s core desire was that drove him into entrepreneurialism.

A Call From The Cops

What happened when he got contacted by the Philadelphia Major Crimes division.

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