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What Marie learned from her parent’s divorce, an abusive relationship & money issues which helped her win the new game of business & life.

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I recently sat down with Marie Forleo, creator of Marie TV and B-School, which is in its seventh year. Marie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a smart online business teacher and a Hip Hop loving personal branding expert.

I was lucky enough to know her as a friend for a long time and saw the trajectory as she built a great personal and educational brand, along with the backstory of overcoming the natural challenges that many people face along the way.

Marie is a great example of someone hustling hard to chase down their goals and showing a ton of grit and perseverance to make it all happen. As Marie said, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”, so don’t wait – get engaged and take action now!

Pivotal moments you don’t want to miss in this episode  

[1:58] An Unconventional Idea

How implementing an unconventional vacation policy helped her company continue to grow and her team to be less stressed and more energized.

[2:24] Learning to trust the truth

How learning to trust the truth of what she knew and putting her own limiting beliefs to the side helped shape and mould her business into what it is today.

[4:58] Being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

How she allowed herself to explore multiple passions earlier in her career, which led her to create a new version of herself and discover the path she is on today.

[14:38] How She Shaped Her Mindset

The people in her life who really shaped her mindset and the advice she thinks every teen should hear.

[29:52] Finding Strength In Dark Moments

How an abusive relationship helped her discover her strength and how a darker moment along the way quickly got her fired up and determined to succeed.