From Jailed Teen Drug Dealer to Silicon Valley Start-Up Powerhouse: The Dan Martell Story


Today you’re going to hear from a former teen drug dealer, software developer, and million-dollar entrepreneur, Dan Martell.

Dan is a Canadian-born entrepreneur that built several venture capital-backed software companies like Flowtown and, which were both sold to larger companies. He has also invested in companies like Udemy, Unbounce, Intercom, and Hootsuite, among many, many others. He lives in the province of New Brunswick with his entrepreneur wife, Renee Warren, and their two boys.

In today’s interview, you’ll  hear about how he got kicked out of his family home when he was 11, he started selling drugs by 13, and then found a book on coding during a stent in jail that changed his life forever. He drops too many business and life tips to mention so I apologize for taking over the next 45 minutes of your life because…


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why discovering computers while in rehab at age 18 saved his life
  • Why he thinks his new YouTube videos are ridiculously funny
  • Why he doesn’t like being called a serial entrepreneur
  • What he learned from the market crash in 2004 and his tip to be prepared for the next one
  • The huge myth that cripples many entrepreneurs
  • The hardest thing he ever had to do with Clarity


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