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Episode 26 – Jonathan Fields

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Jonathan Fields On Living A ‘Good Life’ And Why Happiness Is The Enemy & The ‘F’ Word Is The Real Hero

In today’s episode you’ll hear from a super chill anti-guru bestselling author, teacher and movement maker, that is universally revered for making the complex seem doable and puts the art and science of living a good life firmly within reach… Jonathan Fields

Episode 25 – Satya Twena

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Satya Twena: On The Unconventional Path to Becoming a Fashion Brand People Flock To

In today’s episode you’ll hear from a spitfire female entrepreneur who has handcrafted a hat-making business in New York City. She truly lives life on her own terms and has used struggle and setbacks to fuel her ambition, Satya Twena.

Episode 24 – Ryan Levesque

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Ryan Levesque: On Corporate Ladder Climbing, Almost Dying & Innovating Marketing for Small Businesses

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from an innovative entrepreneur who jumped ship from his successful corporate career into an odd hobby niche, which was his start into developing a marketing method that’s transforming businesses everywhere, Ryan Levesque.