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The ways the days were focused (Mindset, Strategy, Execution) was massively helpful, and the speakers were all AMAZING.

Ariane T.

I left with clear vision of my next steps, and that was more valuable than any conference I have attended recently.

Jaclyn V.

The speakers were phenomenal, and the caliber of attendees was top notch. I learned so much and walked away inspired and ready to take action.

Melody D.

For all high-performing online & small business owners, running companies up to $3M per year.

The #1 Event for Online & Small Business Owners!

And the ONLY Event to Focus on the Three Pillars Of Your Success: Mindset, Strategy & Systems

PerformanceCon was designed to encompass the entire world of you, the entrepreneur.

What do I mean?

Well, whether I’m advising an 8-figure business owner, or I’m talking to someone that’s getting traction into the 6-figure realm, there are three distinct themes of the questions being asked or problems being faced.

Mindset & Leadership

The greatest obstacle to growing a business, this is an internal obstacle. No business can grow beyond the internal limitations of the entrepreneur leading the business. We will ALWAYS be the biggest roadblock on our path to building businesses and lives we enjoy and feel excited about.

Business Strategy & Tactics

The next challenge is finding the right ways to grow our business, the right structure of our business so we can increase the profits and avoid exhaustion, and finding small micro-tweaks that can make a big difference.

Systems & Execution

The final challenge is showing up to our chosen field with a plan and a system to execute and take action, so we maximize our time, stay focused and get the right things completed without all the wasted money, time, & energy that a good chunk of most businesses are faced with.

Get the recordings of every single session from PerformanceCON 2019


I’ve been waiting a long time to finally unite these two worlds I’ve occupied and helped hundreds of thousands of ambitious people navigate…

…which is why I’m excited to share the PerformanceCON 2019 recordings with you!


Alex Kushneir

Co-Founder & COO, Icon Media

How To Tell Stories That Inspire & Motivate

Business Partner with Jay Shetty, Over 1 Billion Views of Video Content he’s produced, Producer at Disney, HuffPost, NBC Universal.

Chris Ducker

Founder & Bestselling Author,

How To Build A Personal Brand That Truly Represents You

Best-selling author, multi-time international entrepreneur, and expert at building virtual companies.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Award-Winning Social Media Strategist,

How To Create A Pipeline Of Clients Showing Up At Your Door – Everyday

Former journalist that’s pioneered the ‘Sunny System’ for rapid YouTube growth.

Selena Soo

Founder, Impacting Millions

How To Connect With Influencers & Media

Publicity & Marketing Strategist with a gift for helping people no longer be a hidden gem, but a known leader in their field.

Emily Fletcher

Celebrity Meditation Coach, Ziva Meditation

Special ‘Meditation for Achievers’ Session

Named one of the top 100 women to watch in wellness and has taught meditation at places like Apple, Google, & Harvard Business School.

Billy Gene

Founder, Billy Gene Is Marketing

How I Built It: The Transformation From Solopreneur to Leader of a 22 Person Team & $19 Million Plus Business

Marketing consultant who teaches local businesses how to get more customers using social media.

Mike Michalowicz

Founder, Profit First

Profit First: The Fool-Proof Way To Ensure You Make Money From Your Business

Launched 3 multi-million dollar companies before his 35th birthday, author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, & The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

Pete Vargas

Visionary & CEO, Advance Your Reach

Known as the “Stage Whisperer” because he and his team have booked over 25,000 stages worldwide.

Chris Winfield

Super Connector & Creator of Unfair Advantage

Guest M.C. & Media Mentor

Columnist for Entrepreneur and INC, and has worked with clients like Disney, Bai Brands, Virgin, & Intuit.

Jen Gottlieb

Co-Founder & Chief Mindset Officer, Super Connector Media

The Confidence Continuum: The 5 Step System To Overcome Fear And Confidently Step Into The Spotlight

Former co-host on VH1, publicity expert whose superpower is helping you sharpen your true Unfair Advantage — connection.

Adrienne Dorison

Founder & CEO, Run Like Clockwork

How To Create A Business System That Runs Without You

LEAN Six Sigma Consultant and thought leader in the millennial entrepreneur space.

Rachel Bell

Founder, Online Coach Accelerator

Instagram Influence: How To Build An Engaged & Profitable Tribe – Fast

Organic social media strategist who’s been featured in Forbes, Fox News, and The Huffington Post

Clinton Senkow

Co-Founder & COO of Influencive

How to Gain Influence & Partner With the World’s Top Entrepreneurs & Brands

Named a “Forbes Can’t-Miss Speaker”, 3-time recipient of the G20 Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance, and a huge advocate for youth entrepreneurship.

Trivinia Barber

Founder of PriorityVA

The Team That Scales: How To Create A Team That Builds A Business, Not Just You

Her boutique virtual assistant agency, PriorityVA, matches elite-level entrepreneurs with highly skilled assistants.

Matthew Kimberley

Founder of The School For Selling

Writing That Sells: How To Inject A Delightful Personality Into Your Brand Even If Your Personality Sucks

Once called a “tough-love business guru” by Glamour Magazine and author of the best-selling book How To Get A Grip

Mike Kim

Founder of CopyProof

CopyProof: How To Write, Market, and Persuade in A Voice That’s Unmistakably You

Brand strategist, online educator. Consulted for thought leaders like John Maxwell, Donald Miller, Suzanne Evans. Featured in Entrepreneur and Inc.

Ron Reich

CEO of

7-Figure Launch Secrets: The Top 3 Lessons I Learned From Generating Over $22,475,211 In Launch Revenue

Marketing strategist, author & speaker who has been known as the “secret weapon” behind many of the biggest names in the industry including Todd Herman, Selena Soo, Ryan Levesque, Hay House Publishing & Denise Duffield Thomas.

Greg Smith

Co-Founder & CEO, Thinkific

Creating Courses & Culture: How Thinkific Founder is Empowering Course Creators & Building A Winning Team Culture

Corporate lawyer at the largest law firm in Canada who transitioned to course creator and software founder.

Zach Benson

Founder, Assistagram

Instagram is his superpower, and he founded Assistagram to help empower hundreds of Influencers and several Fortune 500 companies to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience organically.

Delci Plouffe

A Life Of Heritage

Practicing Daily and the Power of You

An animal lover for most of her life, she has finally figured out how to profit on that love.

I loved the presenters and the no bullshit format.

Todd G.

There were lots of great speakers! It was a great balance of mindset work and actionable steps.

Gabrielle P.

Great flow. Quality speakers. Great messages.

Joanne G.

Get the recordings of every single session from PerformanceCON 2019


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