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“The journey towards personal mastery is intensely nuanced and deeply individual. In athletics, entrepreneurship, leadership, or anything deeply nuanced, achieving peak performance is found on the other side of challenge, mistake, or blunder. Our most brilliant achievements are intricately woven with our idiosyncrasies, and what we perceive as a flaw, may be a hidden genius.  When you consistently stretch your limits, there’s an extraordinary power in doing it with somebody else.” ~ Todd Herman

“Todd is like a thinking sherpa. His mental models, frameworks, and coaching helps me make decisions and connect dots I wouldn’t be able to on my own.”

Matthew BertulliFounder & CEO, Lomi & Pela (Billion Dollar Valued Companies)
Todd Herman one on one coaching

Hi, I’m Todd Herman

I’m a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, creator of award-winning programs, and INC. 500 fastest-growing company founder of 90 Day Year. With over 27+ years of experience, I’ve:

  • Built, scaled & sold multiple companies, including the largest peak performance and mental game training company with over 2,000,000 athletes being impacted annually (Sold to Real Madrid);
  • Become globally known, as the foremost expert on Alter Egos & Identity-Based performance. For 20+ years, a centerpiece of my coaching has been building the identity for clients to help them win. And, it’s what’s allowed me to separate from the pack of ‘mental game coaches’; and
  • Been lucky to marry my wife Valerie, and create a family we’re proud of. We have 3 kiddos (two girls and a boy), and I still get the time to coach them in their sports. While pursuing all of my ambitions, and running a company with my wife.

I started coaching long before there was an industry, and I’ve logged almost 20,000+ hours with the highest-level achievers. This is an important distinction because some people may coach others, but very few know what it’s like to work with the most elite. The world has become apologetic regarding ambition, and it’s suffocating the aspirations of the best.

Whatever your ‘field of play’ is, you’ll be tapping into 27+ years of coaching experience with individuals & teams to help them win.

If we work together, our coaching will be customized to you and built upon fundamental principles of peak performance. Whether you want to make a huge business shift, create more freedom in your days, or level up your leadership, I’ll be here to help.

“A coach is someone who can give direction, without causing resentment.”

John WoodenLegendary coach of UCLA Basketball

Benefits of Coaching

I’ve had a business and life coach for more than twenty years. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t had the benefit of someone speaking into my personal and professional life. It’s been the difference-maker. As I’ve reflected on my experience, I see at least four benefits to having a coach.

Benefit 1
Transcend The Status Quo

If you’re happy with the status quo–business as usual—don’t hire a coach. You don’t need one. But if you’re unhappy with the results you’ve been getting, and you want more, you ned to consider it.

Benefit 2
Go Beyond The 4%

96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years. With a coach who’s been where you want to go (and beyond), you can be in the top-most ranks of the 4% who make it 10+ years.

Benefit 3
Access Outside Expertise

In business, you’ll eventually reach the limits of your knowledge and experience. A coach who’s “been there, done that” fills the gaps with the outside expertise you need to beat your competitors.

Benefit 4
Accelerate Your Progress

There are two paths to get ahead in business: First, go it alone (this is the hard and slow way). Second, fast-track your success by leaning on an expert who’s solved similar problems dozens of ways.

What's The Typical
Process Look Like?


Right Fit


Alignment &


Coaching Calls
(Based on Plan)


Private Mobile
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How to Have a 'Legendary Year' Coaching Options


(For Experienced


(For People Wanting
Big Shifts)
Alignment & Strategy
Bi-Annually (2) Quarterly (4)
# of Coaching Sessions 12 24
Coaching Format Monthly
Zoom Sessions
50 Minutes Each
Zoom Sessions
50 Minutes Each
Total Sessions 14 28
Ad Hoc & Asynchronous
Additional Teammates 0 up to 4
(You can include others
in your meetings.)
Coaching Portal    
Access to All Courses    
Copies of All My Books    


Calibration Meeting(s)* Annually (1)
Coaching Sessions 19
Coaching Format Bi-weekly
Zoom Sessions
50 Minutes Each
Total Sessions 20
Ad Hoc Access  
Additional Teammates 0
Coaching Portal  
Access to All Full Focus Courses  
Copies of All My Books  


(Most Popular)
Alignment & Strategy
Bi-Annually (2)
Coaching Sessions 16
Coaching Format Monthly
Zoom Sessions
50 Minutes Each
Total Sessions 18
Ad Hoc Access*  
Additional Teammates 0
Coaching Portal  
Access to All Courses  
Copies of All My Books  


(Most Supportive)


Alignment & Strategy
Quarterly (4)
Coaching Sessions 28
Coaching Format Bi-Weekly
Zoom Sessions
In Between Alignment Meetings
50 Minutes Each
Total Sessions 32
Ad Hoc Access*  
Additional Teammates up to 4
You can include others in your
Coaching Portal  
Access to All Courses  
Copies of All My Books  

* All Alignment & Strategy Meetings are in-person in New York, NY, or via Zoom. Both ‘Legendary Year’ coaching programs require a significant investment. Based on the program we think best suits your needs, I’ll share the exact pricing options in our Right-Fit call.

* Adhoc & Async Support includes 4 additional ‘quick support’ calls. These are typically used when clients must work through a big decision, conflict, or challenge. Async support is for quick messaging on small questions that come up but don’t need a call. The convenience of this honors that life isn’t a straight line and is meant to support the realities of life as a high-achiever.

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Here's What My Clients
Are Saying:

“Todd Herman has not only impacted our revenues and business model, but his coaching and frameworks have increased our client satisfaction (NPS). He has this incredible balance of patience, strategy, and fun to work with. You will not regret the investment.”

Rian Doris & Steven Kotler

Multi-NYT Bestseller &
Founders, Flow Research Collective

“When I started working with Todd, I was working 80-hour weeks, and in control of everything. Within six weeks, I was down to 36 hours, and within a year broke through $10,000,000 in sales. He’s world-class at finding and removing blockers.”

Gary Nealon

E-Commerce Founder RTA Cabinet Store,
Sold for 8-Figure Exit

“Todd’s impact on my business has been nothing short of invaluable. He’s found blindspots I could’ve never found, and he’s always pushed me into the best version of myself. It’s been 7 years together and I’m not stopping anytime soon, because the results speak for themselves.”

Chanie Wilschanski

Founder, Schools of Excellence
#1 Training & Mentoring Company to Private Schools

“My friends told me that coaching was a scam. Thankfully I didn’t listen. Within three months I re-built my culture, implemented the 90 Day Year performance system, and in the first quarter of the next year, we had to reset our yearly goals, because we smashed them.”

Joseph Heller

Founder, The/Studio
Largest Venture-Backed Black-Owned Start-Up

“Before working with Todd, I worked on a million things simultaneously, and nothing got my full attention. He’s such an expert at mindset & mental toughness that he massively shifted my perspectives on myself & my business. Now, I have a full-time team and systems that run my growing business. He’s all about action.”

Amy Porterfield

NYT Bestselling Author, Podcast Host &
Founder, Digital Course Academy

“We were a fast-growing company and everything had the chance to break. Todd happened to speak at our event, and when he walked off stage, I said, “I need to hire you.” From the very first session with Todd, there was a clear strategy and action plan. His frameworks help to simplify and clarify thinking. And the results were a year of 841% growth. His value is massively front-loaded.”

Matt Clark

Founder, Amazing Co.
E-Commerce Training Company

“A leader being coached on executing the life they want, is worth more than a thousand others journaling about it every day.”

Todd HermanThe Coach to the Ambitious

Let’s Find Out If We’re Right For Each Other

Todd Herman one on one coaching

Coaching with me is not for everyone, but it might be your next best step. Does one or more of these scenarios describe you?

  • You’ve built a business generating $5 million or more per year.
  • You want to find a way to win in business without compromising other areas of your life that matter to you.
  • You’d like to transition from being a CEO to being a business owner.
  • You want to sell your business for as much as possible.

If this sounds like you, simply fill out the ‘Right Fit’ form, and we’ll get on a call to connect. Click the button below to get started. The session’s free, and even if we’re not a fit, you’ll walk away with greater clarity about your next steps.

Complete the Right Fit Form

Complete the Right Fit Form