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A little girl is ridiculed in grade school because she can’t sit still and is made fun of by her classmates, but ends up becoming a prolific entrepreneur and donates time and money to change the education system.

A little boy grows up with no legs, but ends up becoming one of the most inspiring collegiate athletes of the past 20 years.

The forty-something woman who has lived her life in the shadows of her husband and serving their children, was told to accept that she’s had a good life and to stop wanting more ends up bucking the stereotype and building an online business empire while inspiring millions.

My friend, there’s a back story to every single one of us.

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself, if you don’t’ know me:  I’m Todd Herman.  About 18 years ago I started a little coaching company called The Peak Athlete, which worked with amateur athletes on the inner game of sport.  I taught mental toughness lessons which helped athletes perform in their competitions just like they could in practice.  It wasn’t long before I started working with Pro and Olympic athletes all around the world, and becoming known as someone who could help an athlete get out of their own way, out of a slump and back to consistent performance highs.  I also started a consulting company focused on leadership and performance in the workplace, which brought me face-to-face with world leaders, CEOs of mega-companies and powerful people.

Along the way though, I had far more failures and missteps than any normal person would have in a lifetime.  But because I’ve always been curious about people’s backgrounds, I loved finding out where people came from and their back story.  Each high achiever always referenced multiple struggles and every day challenges that made life difficult, but also extremely rewarding.


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More about the Grit ‘n’ Hustle Podcast:

  • I want to highlight the circumstances, challenges and obstacles we’ve all been given and shine a light on the process achievers have to go through to “make it”
  • I will also give you a peek behind the curtain to what I call the “ugly side of life”, which will leave you feeling inspired and connected to each interview.
  • You will see that in your struggles are the seeds of tremendous growth, opportunity and a story others will be inspired by
  • Besides all the great interviews, I’m going to be plugging in some additional bonus podcasts from me.  These are meant to give you a solid Mini-Grit-‘n’-Hustle training you can apply immediately to keep working toward your goals and aspirations
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And my hopes with the Grit ‘n’ Hustle Podcast is you get inspired to take a ton of action.  Because on the other side of that action is an incredibly more valuable version of yourself that can serve your family, friends, community, team or business in a way that makes us all lucky to have you on this tiny rock hurdling through space.


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I hope you enjoy the first interview I have lined up for you, with my good friend, Marie Forleo, someone Oprah named “A Thought Leader for the Next Generation”, an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company recipient, and a dynamic teacher for entrepreneurs.


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